Gaurisuta Machine Maintenance is the premier Machine tool repair company in Faridabad (H.R).  Established in 2012, Gaurisuta Machine Repairs all types of metal working machines and our technicians have over 6 YEARS of combined experience in the maintenance and repair of VMC Machine, Plazma, Hydrulic Machine etc.  This solid base of technical and practical experience allows us provide Advanced Machine Maintenance that serve all of your Maintenance and Machine repair needs In India. Along with this we have expertise in house hold and domestic maintenance.


Our team of experts has full-fledged knowledge related to each and every product. We are emerging as best engineering consulting service provider that provides technical information, guidance, operational support and maintenance to every client.

A great team of innovative and talented professionals are dedicated to provide excellent services to customers and empowered them by best technology and tools available to us.

We try to fulfill client’s needs by delivering quick and effective results to them. Our dedicated professionals think out of the box and provide cost effective services to customers.


VMC (Vertical Milling Center)

VMC stands for vertical milling center. It refers to be type of milling machine that spindle runs in a vertical axis known as “Z” axis. It is a type of machine that is position... Read More

Plasma Machine

Plasma cutter or machine uses this electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from a power supply to any conductive materials resulting in a cleaner, faster cutting process. The plasma... Read More

Hydraulic Machines

Hydraulic machines are those important machines that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. These machines have amazing strength and agility. Some of the types of h... Read More

Air Conditioner

A device or machine that keeps your home or business cool in hot weather is known as air conditioner. It sucks out heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space and enhance t... Read More

Washing Machine

A machine that reduces human efforts and used to wash various types of clothes is known as washing machine. It’s easy to use and convenient quality make it an important part of ev... Read More


Refrigerator plays an important role in every family. It protects fruits, milk, vegetables and other products from any kind of spoilage. It works as lifeline for family that keep all th... Read More


Microwave oven is machine that is used to cook delicious and tasty food. It cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. It is mainly used to... Read More


We provide best services to customers that help in achieving their goals and targets.

  • Establish “in-country” representation.
  • Eliminate language and cultural barriers.
  • Explore new or alternative channels.
  • Gain first-hand, on-site market knowledge.
  • Lower administration costs.
  • Identification and profiling of acquisition, joint-venture, licensing, franchise and logistic partners.

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